vendredi 25 août 2017

L'échappée belle 2017

Short break before climbing another rock wall. Pictures are from the organization.

I gave up after "only" 62km, 5200m D+ and 16 hours of hiking more than running.

As expected, the tougher race I have ever attempted. And the most beautiful.

The first 6~8h were good, then I gradually fade out. As usual, difficulties to eat, thus no energy, out of breath for hours, even when just walking on flat, no fun for hours, so I decided to stop at the begining of the night.

Up to now, those ultratrails were always tough and I always had longer bad times then good times, but each race was a little better then previous race and I could always find something that let me hope I could improve.

This time I started slower than usual, and I was thinking that this would make it much easier. It was not the case. So now I'm almost sure that I'm not good at this kind of long effort, and I decided to stop running races longer than 10h until end of next year minimum. So no UTMF or UTMB next year. Our brain has an incredible capacity to forget the bad moments, so I promised it to myself during the race. 

Those few years of ultrarunning were incredibly rewarding and I'm very proud of being able to complete 100 miles races, but now let's have fun on shorter race ! :)

Sae (Japanese living in France) and Jérome (French living in Japan)

Shogo Mochizuki in the wall.
Other pictures here (from the organization)

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