dimanche 26 novembre 2017

Race Report - 37th Tsukuba marathon | 第37回つくばマラソン | 2018.11.26

After Hasetsune cup at the beginning of october I started road race training again. This winter I wanted to beat my old 10k PB, so I did mainly short training. It paid off as I got 10k PB last week at Toda. So for Tsukuba marathon, I was relatively confident with the speed, but not with the endurance as I didn't do the most important specific training: long and relatively fast. I was not expecting to make a new PB here, so I didn't feel much pressure, except the one for anticipation of hard time, as I never ran a marathon without hard time.

The first 10k was OK. The second 10k was not bad. The third 10k was announcing difficult finish. I could maintain the pace but it was more and more difficult. The 31k was unexpectedly slow 4:32 though I was thinking I had maintained the pace at the price of much efforts. So I thought, OK, this is the beginning of the end. Then Harrisson Uk Stan caught up with me and thanks to him I could maintained a reasonable pace for the 3 next km. Then he left me and my pace went down again. I gave up sub3 for good here, at about 35k. But I didn't give up doing my best and I could keep sub 5min/km pace.

Then after 39k, Tomoki Takahashi that I met at Utsukushigahara trail, passed me, telling me that we could still make it. It took me a moment to realize that he was right, at least for a net time sub3, and I couldn't follow him. But soon after, a woman and a man passed me at a good pace, and I don't know why or how, but I managed to follow them. I did the last 2k at sub3 pace again and finished in 2:59:38, the exact same time as Takahashi san (we started together). Of course I'm very happy with this result. Last year I gave up later, at 40k and I couldn't make sub3. This year, it's the opposite, I could make it thanks to the last 2k (and the first 30k of course...).

Yuki was running the 10k. She still have painful knee, but she can bear if for 10k. So recently she ran three 10k with times of 59:46 at Namban rengo bbq (fun run, taking pictures), 48:10 at Toda last week, and 46:33 today. Good progress ! So right after we came back home, she switched on the computer and registered to another 10k race :)

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