dimanche 25 novembre 2018

Race Report - 38th Tsukuba marathon | 第38回つくばマラソン | 2018/11/25

I can copy paste the beginning of last year report:

"After Hasetsune cup at the beginning of October, I started road race training again. This winter I wanted to beat my old 10k PB (only one year old this time), so I did mainly short training. It paid off as I got 10k PB last week at Toda. So for Tsukuba marathon, I was relatively confident with the speed, but not with the endurance as I didn't do the most important specific training: long and relatively fast. "

The end was a little different. Last year, thanks to the help of Tomoki Takahashi, I could accelerate the last 2k and make a miraculous sub3. This year, I started a little bit slower and I was feeling easier until I met the wall at about 34km. After drinking water I got a stitch and then everything went down the drain. Stomach took the opportunity to engage in mutiny and legs followed cowardly. I had to slow down drastically, then it would get a little better, then I would accelerate again, then mutiny again, so no chance to finish strong this time, despite the cheering from Hiroshi Yabuta and Yoshie Niitsuma, especially as Takahashi san was in difficulties too and could not help me.

I finished in 3:06:06. It's my worst time since Katsuta 2014 and put an end to a series of 4 sub3. It's OK, I know the reason, just lack of specific training, so I know what to do for the next one, Koga Hanamomo in March. Well, I know what I should do, but will not correctly do because I also have to train for UTMF in April.

The good news of the day is Yuki's PB. She finished in 3:32:21, 8min21s faster than Katsuta 2014 (again). She started aiming sub3:30 but she went too fast and had difficulties to finish (sounds familiar?). Still, she did a very good race and was not far to her goal. Maybe at Koga.

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