dimanche 28 octobre 2018

Race Report - 24th Teganuma Eco-Marathon (Half)


Several nambanners were running around Lake Teganuma today (2018/10/28) for a half marathon.

Almost perfect weather (just a little warm for me, perfect for Yuki).

I finished in 37 position in my age group, 207 male, in 1:24:09, 16s faster than last year...well, it's better than 16s slower...

Yuki beat a more than 5 years old PB in 1:39:56 (sub 1:40, yeah!) and her position was 23 in her age group and 88 female.

Photos of Yuki and me, Yuri, Natsuka, Gildas, Yuichi, Takeshi, David, Shinichi by clicking on the following picture:

By the way, I haven't reported yet that Yuki ran the 2th Tokyo women trail run event two weeks ago (第2回東京女子トレイルラン大会), a trail run for women only, were she finished the 15km course in 1:35:16s, 3rd in her age group, 10th overall.

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