dimanche 27 janvier 2019

Race Report - 17th Shinjuku City Half Marathon

Participants from Namban Rengo

Today was the 17th Shinjuku City Half Marathon.

Yuki and I failed to enter the half marathon so we did the 10k.

The Half was starting at 8:30 so it must have been cold, but the 10k was starting at 11:10 with a clear sky, so the 20min waiting time in the block was not a problem. Actually I lowered my gaiter and arm cover before the start because I was thinking it would be too warm.

With Satoshi and Gary

I was with Gary Wilberforce and Satoshi Kun Hashimoto in the block A, which was small, so there is only 1s difference between my net and gross time. Gary had a flue the week before the race and Satoshi had a party the night before, so they were not expecting very good performance. As for me, lately I'm focusing on long and slow training so I was not expecting great time neither. Moreover, the course had a lot of curves, a short but tough uphill and it was a little windy. I was thinking sub 40min would be OK. Finally I could finish in 38:30s in 59th position overall and 32th in my category (member of JAAF Japan Association of Athletics Federations), which satisfied me as it is only 32s slower than my best time.

The course was a short circuit that we had to run 3 times. It was not so nice, for the reasons I mentioned before (curves, uphill), the distance is not well (or not at all?) marked (I saw only the 5k mark) and also at some moment it is too narrow, traffic passing beside, and on the third lap I had to shout loudly few times "Sumimasen !" (Excuse me!) so the runners in their second lap will move to the left and let me pass.

I'm glad I did it once, now I know how this race looks like, but I don't think I will do it again. Having said that, it's not a bad race, it's well organize, convenient and I like the finish in the baseball stadium. It's just that there are so many other races to try.

In the baseball stadium.

Yuki caught an influenza (A type, though she was vaccinated) two weeks before so she was not in good condition, and she was satisfied with 46:05, 11th in her category and 283th overall.

Thanks to Rie for the picture. I look so slow, almost walking with my both foot touching the ground together. I don't understand, something is wrong ;)

On the way back to Omotesando station.
I stopped my watch by mistake at 5k and restarted a little bit later

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